A Studio on the Banks of Yellow Creek

collage is a wonderful way to express texture and the many layers of the natural world around us 
I first began drawing in high school. We lived in Southern California and it was the turbulent 1960′s. I found my relaxation and escape with a large piece of white paper, some black ink and a technical pen. I could disappear for hours simply enjoying the art of whimsical drawing and design. As I grew older and picked my school and career choices I lost those wonderful hours when I could guide a pen across vast open frontier of white paper. I guess my life became the pen and my many experiences became my artful drawings. No matter what life brought to me I would always find myself doodling in the margins. I have to admit that even when I became a nurse, on a couple occasions I found myself doodling on my patients charts! By God’s great design I ended up living in Ohio and marrying a wonderful man. My husband and I have been blessed with a large family. Great wonders all around. My artistic thoughts were placed on the back burner. There they simmered for years and years.
 In 1998 we had the great fortune to move  to a home which is high on the banks of Yellow Creek in the woods of the Cuyahoga Valley. Since then I have found my artistic thoughts multiplying and dividing and growing steadily.


 I believe it is hard to Not be an artist when you live in the woods. Nature calls forth a great creative force. I consider myself privileged to join in the journey of artistic creativity. 
 My “studio” is actually composed of a room full of papers, paints, tools and artistic equipment. My work area changes from time to time. Sometimes, the studio, the patio, sometimes the kitchen, the dining room table and even the living room has been known to be involved. Being the family member of an artist can be challenging at times.

“Mom there’s a collage paper in my soup!!”

Even your shower becomes a place for Mom to hang and dry papers  All in the name of ART
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