What I have in common with Scheherazade – Magenta Oh,Magenta

As I have been collaging my way through Joy, basking in the most wonderful colors and hues, I found  myself hopelessly lost in Magentaland.

As I sunk deeper and deeper I realized that the wonderful color magenta always brought the music of Scheherazade to mind.  Odd connection?????

This will explain all.  Somewhere in my youth or childhood I had an imaginative art teacher.  Today they are faceless and nameless.  No idea who or when.  They project they gave us was to listen to classical music and then draw whatever we wanted to.  The magic of the moment for me was the new box of 64 crayons…..all those colors just waiting for me!!!   Somehow I discovered Magenta that day….I was enchanted with its beauty and determination to not be ordinary. This was no red, blue or yellow…this was  a REAL COLOR!!!  And then this faceless instructor put on the music of Scheherazade…… between the lovely music and the glorious color I was lost forever in Magentaland.

I had heard the music before because my parents had the LP in their collection. The album deeply impressed me with its exotic Magenta theme….. It was wonderful to find this image of that old favorite…..

recent research into the deep meaning of Magenta in my  life I discovered that many people must have had the idea that magenta was Scheherazade’s favorite color:

Collage- a journey of discovery

As the year is coming to an end I have been thinking about my artistic journey over the past year.  I realize that it has  been a significant time of growth for me.  This year I began to more seriously add both store bought papers and acrylics to my collages.   Oh, and also I began to use sections of vintage letters, foreign language and braille.  One door opens the way to the next in the journey of collage.  I have found many beautiful places can be created with a little paper and paint.  I call them my colorscapes, joyscapes  and I feel privileged to be able to enter these colorful worlds!!!