Life as a Huge Collage

OK,Ok… I have to admit that I have been frustrated with many artists over the years because they have not kept their web sites up to date.  I have read their sites and been excited to  see that they have an upcoming workshop that I would love to take.  Then, when I attempt to take the workshop I discover that it was over two years ago!! Oh, artists, can’t you keep your web sites  up?  So… now it is happening to me.  I cannot believe that I have not written for 6 months.  Yes, my last posting was actually last year! So where does that put me? I am now officially in the same league as some really great artists who just don’t have the energy or organization or whatever to:

live life, be reflective and go beyond

love and relate to family and friends,

create art, create better art

create original and thought provoking art

clean your home,

work for justice, care for the needy,

pay your bills and remember your taxes,

mow your lawn and pull your weeds,

guard your health and brush your teeth (don’t forget to floss)

fill out the FASA form yet again,

and keep a interesting and thought provoking  blog up to date.

I am now in with a very good group.

I see my unblogged life over the last six months as one large and fascinating piece of art. A mixed media collage if I ever saw one!!!!  This collage includes, found items, purchased items,  prepared papers, fabric, metal and lots of adhesive.  Vintage, new, antique and just plain old.  Several interesting twists and turns and some definite pieces of unnamed substance. The dramatic and the silly are both there together.  The  awesome and the plain disappointing are attached with the same glue. Life on this earth in this day and age… a true collage of experiences, people and divine appointments.