Green Therapy… A walk in the Summer woods, a walk in the Company of Green

 ” I am in love with the green earth”.

 This is a new (new to me) quote by Charles Lamb that i just discovered.

THIS IS A WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR FOR  GREEN-LOVERS  IN NORTHEAST OHIO .   This summer, we have had so much rain!!! Drizzles, torrents, thunder storms, slow drips…..rain rain rain.  Today we had 2 huge storms and now we are facing flooding in several areas around us. It is miraculous to me how the rain brings forth the Great Green Life all around us in the woods and fields. It is like how you take a dropper and place a couple drops of green food coloring in some water and all of a sudden “GREEEEEEEEEN”  To walk in the woods and be surrounded on all sides with hundreds of different shades of green.  It is like a visit to nature’s spa!

Another wonderful quote about Green is the following:

Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy. ~Terri Guillemets

When I walk through the woods right now it is as if I can hear great shouts of that green joy everywhere surrounding me. The mosses and lichens, the leaves and twigs, the ferns and wild plants…and the trees with their millions of glowing leaves….vines and shrubs and grasses and undergrowth….all in hundreds of shades of Green. And all grateful to the sun!!!

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.

Pedro Calderon de la Barca


I agree with Pedro.  The world’s loveliness begins and ends with green.  Take some time to  walk   in the company of Green