Summer is Over…….


SUMMER IS OVER. Three small words that mean so much to so many.  SUMMER IS OVER.  The meaning of these words changes at different times in our lives.   School children and farmers would find a whole world of difference in the meaning of these terms.  Consider what the words mean to a football  star, a cross country runner, a mom sending her first child off to school.  A  teenager starting a new school in a new city .A Freshman college student ( and their parents!) A couple getting married in the Fall.  An apple farmer, a golf course manager, a  life guard for an outside pool.  And a homeless person, a beggar on the street corner. The elderly living alone. A migrant worker, a  grape picker,   and a school bus driver.  An expectant mother.  A terminally ill person and a nature photographer.  A trash collector.  A park ranger.  A person living in a remote spot in the woods and a city dweller.Everyone takes great meaning in these words and for each the meaning is very different.  But for all of us  the end of Summer is a time of reflection.

Not to mention the birds, butterflies and those restless hummingbirds setting off for the tropics. Somehow in God’s great plan the dear animals have it built into them.  The geese don’t need to be told, summer is over.

I realize this year more than before that I am going to miss the wonderful garden tomatoes of summer.   October finds me pulled, kicking and shouting that I want more tomatoes and I want another chance at summer.  I want another chance to do all the things I dreamt of doing in May.  I am  over 60 years old and yet every May I dream and scheme great plans for the summer and every October I mourn what I didn’t accomplish. Will I ever grow out of this sequence?

Yet, if summer has to end,( and in Ohio it does!), then Autumn is a beautifully glorious and fitting way to do it. Several times in my life I started to write Autumn poems and never finished.  Autumn seems to bring out the artist in all of us.


Summer is over and the party is ended

the trees stand knee deep in the confetti of a golden summer



Autumn is a lady Queen

dressed in  Burgundy  and Gold.

Her  entrance  is  a silence,

and a Fire that burns cold.