Creative Juices Flowing

Creative Juices Flowing

I have always loved the image of Creative juices.


I looked it up and the term probably  originated in 1846. Hmmm. I guess that creativity is like a river–it has movement and an unseen destination… and life springs up all around it.  In this “Bleak Midwinter” moment the creative juices are unaffected by the ice and cold. It is a privilege to be invited to enter into the world of colorful creation It is like an early spring….suddenly there are new thoughts, new growth, ideas and concepts being born.


Even now as the world around us is frozen, cold and locked into winter as a mixed media artist I return to the colorful ones.  Out comes the paint. Out comes the paper. In less that  30 minutes the dining room, kitchen and pool table are covered with the signs of creativity.   My household chores are forgotten. The juices are flowing. Flowing all over the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Most artists (and their loved ones) would agree that the creative juices can be quite messy.

I would be hard pressed to explain how the creative urge takes over…and yet it is quite strong.  Dishes left in the sink, repair man left knocking on the door, lunch forgotten…and I am lost in the wonderful world of Paper collage!!!!!!!! People ask me “How do you find the time?” And I would have to say I don’t look for it…it comes to get me!


I am in the beginning  steps of having  some  digital prints of my collages made into FABRIC!!!!!   YES!    I see some lovely scarves coming this spring.  Just in time for the Easter Parade!