Spring, Merciful Spring!!!!

P3030179 copyThose of us who live in Northeast Ohio, have come through another long,cold winter.  Just when I thought I was all died up, that my dry bones would splinter and blow away, my hair fall out and and my cold skin flake off into a pile around my blue feet… just in the nick of time, Spring arrived! A small faintly warm breeze quietly blew in and we were saved!



Oh Sweet Spring thy name is Mercy! This year I felt so completely rescued and delivered by that slightly warm breeze the sweet hand of Providence  sent  our way. In my last post about winter I think i mistakenly said that Winter is the divine tool that reminds us that we are not alone and that we are not in control.  Maybe I shouldn’t have written that as I experienced it so very strongly this year.


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Spring. A beautiful invention by our Creator. We need to make time in our schedules to just enjoy the Season!!!  My husband and i had the enjoyment of a short trip to California in March.  We  went to San Francisco and had a wonderful visit with my high school friend Hayden Ellis. Hayden has been in San Francisco for over 40 years and I appreciated her insights. She said that she envied our experience of the seasons!!!  She mentioned that she had only seen one real spring in her life and that she longed for the experience again. Her words really inspired me to look at Spring more closely, and to strive to enjoy every part of it.  We must not rush through the experience.  Take each new leaf, and every new flower and bask in their wonder!




Spring is here to remind us that Mercy exists, that we can try again, that there are second chances and that we are loved!