In the Sweet Company of Flowers


Version 2

Lately I have found myself often in the Company of Flowers. This spring and early summer here in the woods of Northeast Ohio we received the gift of a lot of rain. I Know some of my California relatives would be envious. That great rain was at times annoying but it has worked to produce a lovely summer here. A summer full of flowers. I am a true flower enthusiast and the daughter and granddaughter of true flower enthusiasts. I come by it honestly. My father never tired of flowers and at 93 he could still find himself amazed by their elegant, abundant beauty. I am making an effort to not take them and their lavish beauty for granted.



This summer I have had the honor of hosting these wonderful Annabelle Hydrangeas here in my garden by the woods this summer. I did very little to help them. A few minutes of trimming and fertilizing and I am rewarded with this spectacular display of floral beauty. I simply feel very blessed and privileged. To me its like the crown jewels. Their abundance makes me feel like royalty.

As I have been so surrounded by these lovely things I have found myself being philosophical about them. I think that these beauties are not just the result of random evolution. These marvelous creations could only come from the heart and mind of a loving creator. I am sure that the world could devise other ways to go on without the beauty of flowers. Flowers scream to us that we are loved and abundantly so.





In the spring I began to create collage flowers and found it a very exciting adventure. I have been privileged to have the enjoyment of using my painted and gilded papers to create some unique and lovely specimens. I have found insight and refreshment in the Sweet Company of Flowers


DSC00196Growing in My Dreams