The Slow-Coming of Spring


 spring dreams

As I have mentioned before, living on the edge of the woods is an awesome education.

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Posed as we are now, on the edge of Spring, there are wonderful lessons to learn. This spring started early and then has been playing tug-of-war with winter for several weeks now. Its in the 60’s, its in the 20’s… the herons return and take up nesting and then the blizzards come again. The lesson I am taking from this is that nature works slowly. It is not an over-night, magical transformation into a Green and Pink loveliness. Spring is coming a daffodil at a time. Change and renewal are coming one bright green leaf at a time. We can be too busy to see the new green shoots or we can seek them and savor them.

This time of year, let us take lessons from the daffodils.


So I am thinking about how spring comes so slowly to the woods North East Ohio. I remember Mark Twain’s quote about spring:


In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.

Mark Twain


I am thinking about the coming of Spring if people were in charge. It would be a very different thing for sure. We would pick a date, hire a PR person, get a branding agent, select a CEO, organize committees, hire a designer, an attorney and a fund raiser. Plans drawn out, hours of meetings, discussions, emails, faxes, and blue prints. Then as the date approaches, late nights, pots of coffee, fast food, frayed nerves and neglected families.


Then, day and night, the frenzy builds until the eve of Spring is upon us. Extra workers, students, volunteers, migrants- every able bodied person.


Then on the first day of Spring we all wake up and


The leaves are out, the trees in full bloom, daffodils, tulips and crocus all blooming at the same time. Grass is bright and green, blue sky, nesting birds, hopping bunnies, butterflies flying across the skies. 70 degrees with just the right breeze to spread the smell of flowers and sweet grasses.. An over night transformation! This is what it would be like if we took the coming of Spring out of Nature’s Good Hands and let people do the job. I think I really prefer the slow approach and one daffodil at a time.

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