Summertime-Nature’s Great Shout-Out

DSC_0599 copy    Somehow I have seen that being a collage artists has made me more aware of the simple beauties of everyday living.  Every where I go I see  fascinating textures, amazing colors, new and  intricate designs. This  flows over into my everyday living.  I see things I never saw before and experience life with a new attitude.

Summer always amazes me. In the woods, in our garden…..abundance of life and such a shout-out to the wonders of living.  Celebrations going on everywhere in the natural world.  All too often I find myself ignoring the party and getting wrapped up in work and concerns.  Summer is here, in-my-face, up close and personal, trying to get my attention..DSC00575 (3)Wake up  Helen and Celebrate !

Join the dance, sing to the music, get “carried away” with the grateful joys of living. Let a single flower amaze you and a whole field of them bowl you over!  Nature is free! It costs nothing to admire a tree, bush or running stream. If we are in good health or poor health, rich or poor, appreciated or not… we can still take joy in the loveliness around us.  No more excuses!
Tending My Inner Garden in the Western Reserve
 I am happy to say that I have had three of my paper collages accepted in the the Artists of Rubber City show at Summit Art Space.  On of them eve won an Honorable Mention! If you are in the area come and see them during the month of July or first week of August during the first  Saturday  Art Walk.