Life on the COLORFUL Planet



Autumn and early winter are here among us in the woods of the Cuyahoga Valley. This is always a “heads up for beauty “time for me. The world suddenly (sometimes very suddenly) looks different, new and somehow wilder. Nature once again shows us just who is boss!

IMG_2728 copy

This is a time of year that red, gold, yellow and burgundy finally show their stuff and have their say! We are simply spectators. We can do nothing to improve on this phenomenon. I marvel in the colors and every year I am surprised-like it has never happened before. The colors are so wonderful that I find myself transported. I am moved and changed. In considering this I realized how colors surround us and usually we ignore them and take them for granted. Nature and gardens are true showcases for color and we find great solace in them. Then I realized that the other planets in out system appear to be lifeless and without much color. This is a very deep mystery to me. What an awesome under-appreciated privilege to live on The COLORFUL PLANET!

Tending My Inner Garden in the Western Reserve

One of the greatest joys I find in my art is the privilege of working with so many wonderful wonderful colors.   I particularly enjoy working with metal gilding and acrylics paints together as they create colors that transform with the changing light of day. Colors are free, to be enjoyed without cost by the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, the old and the young… and everyone in between. I believe as though I am on a journey exploring the rivers and pathways of color.

In Autumn's Grip 1