Comings and Goings – Springtime Migration

DSC01697Lately I have found myself reading up about migratory birds.  I am reading Songbird Journeys by Miyoko Chu.I realized how little i knew about these little marvels who live in our woods. I learned that they migrate for thousands of miles each spring and autumn.  That they will fly over our homes by the thousands while we sleep unknowingly in our beds. That thought really got me.  These little souls flying tirelessly through the night while i sleep under my down comforter. 
DSC01700 How do they do it? I can barely find my way to the bathroom at night if our night light goes out. Scientists have spent millions of dollars and hours , and  more studying birds and their beautiful navigational ways. They have followed birds, on foot through the jungles, by helicopters, and land rovers. Night and day the scientists have followed these little wonders in order to discover the secret within their small frames.  I cannot help wondering if the birds have feathered creatures following the scientists to see why they are going all over the place.  The idea would make a great cartoon- Birds being studied by people who are being studied by birds


The researchers have come up with all sorts of theories and thoughts about just how these birds are capable of doing what we “smarter” creatures cannot. So these small wonders are mysteriously equipped with sensors in their eyes, noses and brains which enable them to detect and respond to the earth’s magnetic field.  I did not even remember what the earth’s magnet field is.

Are you ready to have it all become crystal clear?

Wikipedia says:
Earth’s magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, is the magnetic field that extends from the Earth’s interior out into space, where it meets the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun.

I know that helps.



Songbird Journey’s (page 147)

” In addition to the sun,stars and magnetic fields and polarized light,birds probably use other cues to navigate. They can check their position against landmarks such as rivers and  mountain ranges.Pigeons are capable of smelling their way home…”  Really????

In our present culture it is hard to find someone who can even find their way to a destination without a GPS. These birds have got us beat!!!!! Can you imagine smelling your way home?



I have been using my paper collage as a way to think and meditate on the lessons of the birds. I am awed by their mysteries, their fortitude and their hidden talents. I am amazed by the intricate balance that guides them over thousands of miles each year. For me, these wonderful details continue to speak of an intelligent and loving Creator.  These birds didn’t think of this themselves!!!