The Odd Silence of the Botanical World

As I walk through my winter-weary garden, I have to remind myself that these “old sticks” are actually plants just waiting their turn. They look dead, dull and unsightly. Rather hopeless i would say. Below, find a picture of the same spot, same garden, taken last July!! That is just three months from now!  If I did not know it to be true from all the springs i have seen come and go I myself would not believe it either.

Inside these old dry “sticks” a lot of activity must be going on. It seems that if I were to stop and put my ear to these old twigs that I should hear all sorts of unusual sounds of inner work, enterprise and animation. I never thought about it before, how odd that plants are silent. Seems like I should hear the “juices” running, the cells expanding, the chlorophyll doing its magic. And yet they stand unmoving and silent.


Inside,  up and down  the trunks, across the stems, up from the roots and within the tiny buds, the beautiful mechanics of Spring are underway.  Yet no hint to all this grand effort is seen or heard as i pass by.


The roses, begin their great work in silence and destitution. I cannot help but believe that deep inside they are dreaming of summer blossoms. What would the plants sound like if they would be given the gift of sound, vocalization, song?  Would they sing like the birds, hum like the crickets, croak? Or would it be some totally new form of sound? And then another thought, maybe they do make a sound and we just can’t hear it!  Maybe we are the ones lacking!!!

And I am reminded of this great quote:

“There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”

– Minnie Aumonier