How Long Does It Take????

Last weekend I had a wonderful time sharing my artwork at the Bellissimo Art show at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton,Ohio. Lovely setting, lovely  day.  I had the opportunity to show my work with hundreds of people. Many of these people looked at me and asked“How long does it take to do this?” I understand the question.


Many of my pieces appear to contain hundreds of pieces and are made up of a variety of papers.

My answer is always,”There really is no telling how long it takes” Some pieces are done in a week, while others may take a month or more. I work on more than one piece at a time. This an an artist’s trick to ensure that the creativity keeps flowing. That way if I get “stuck” on one  collage, I can work on another. Some of my pieces have taken 6 months or more to complete, others, a year. Last year I had several that i called my “May to September Series.”

I do not plan the work out ahead of time. I start with an idea, a color, an emotion, a textured paper that I feel inspired to use and then slowly begin to build a piece. Not an easy road. I spend hours taking pieces of paper in and out of the piece. I like to think that when someone is purchasing one of my collages that they are not just paying for the finished piece of art but that they are also paying for all the pieces that I did not put in the final product. For me it is a journey. I consider myself “making the paper journey” and  I feel   very blessed and privileged  to be able to make this creative journey.