Blooming Where I am Planted


Happy to say i will be at the lovely Fine art show, Bellissimo, at Gervasi Vineyard

on Sunday July 22, 2018 fro 12:00-5:00.  Look for me under the Pavilion.


A few years ago, late at night in early spring. I was supposed to be cleaning up my studio.  Instead, I found myself “playing” with certain paper scrapes and slowly the inspiration of a collage flower came into being.  The first inspiration came quickly and unexpectedly but the  actual design and construction took several weeks.I found the task so difficult that for quite a long time I actually did not attempt another one. Then I made one more and then none for many months.

To me, flowers are  like a divine wake-up call. They are awesomely beautiful and  yet they are scattered all over the place. Looking at flowers costs nothing and can be very therapeutic.  I have often wondered why no one has gone into Floral Therapy? Flowers are hard to explain, containing depth and mysteries. And on top of that they can even smell good! Not all mysteries smell good .

This spring, late at night, while I was supposed to be cleaning my studio, the inspiration hit again. I was inspired to take the time to consider my approach to flowers and try to discover why the task was so challenging. I called it “Wrestling the Flower Angels”.  I am happy to say that after much thought, writing and soul searching I was able to return to the job of giving voice to flowers.



An essential part of my flower design is the decision that I made to spend time making sure every part is well constructed.  Have you ever picked a rose or a daisy and on closer inspection you notice that the back of the petals were unfinished, never colored, or the sepal was poorly constructed?  No. Flowers, are well constructed, organized nicely and made to achieve their purpose. Hence I have decided to “waste” time on the details rather than using haphazard construction methods. Even in our technological, consumer age society, flowers are made with the same perfection that they were in the Victorian age. The flowers blooming by the side of the road are equally perfect to the ones growing in the the grandest gardens of the world.