There is More to Art Than Making Artwork


Happy to say that I will be having my art work on display at the Akron Women’s City Club for the month of October.  Reception on October 6, 1-4  All are Welcome

732 W Exchange St, Akron, OH 44302


Looking back, I realize that  before I began my journey into art, that I had little idea exactly what I was getting into. I thought of art as an “enjoyable pastime”, a therapeutic endeavor, a way to cover some vacant walls.  Now, after several years  of pursuing art in the mixed media world, I have come to see that creating art enters into every part of my life.

At present, I am experiencing carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands. It all started two months ago when I felt compelled to give voice to Flowers.

Hours of  painting,cutting, folding, writing,clipping, and before the first few flowers were even blooming my hands were numb.


Did that stop me? A couple years ago, I came to the understanding that the artwork that I create is only a part of the whole creative process. The artistic process also includes, shopping for supplies, cleaning up my studio, time spent at the framers, online research and hours spent looking for the “right” supplies.  And now I add Dr. visits and shopping for wrist supporters. i always knew that  garden  work could be dangerous but I somehow thought working in my art garden was a safer pastime.