Autumn- A Botanical Journey

Alter Ego of a Primrose     Mixed Media Collage


On the edge of the woods, everything is changing and shifting. Green is turning into red,yellow and gold.  Beautiful fresh blooms are turning shades of brown and burgundy, and they are stiff and brittle. Some flowers appear to be made of stone. The tall green grasses are now tall brown and tawny grasses waving stiffly in the wind. Leaves from the very top of our stately trees are taking the plunge and dancing towards the earth. The natural world takes autumn very seriously and every single plant gives its all to the new season.

Along the Chlorophyll Trail   Mixed media collage

I have been thinking a lot lately about the miracle of chlorophyll  and how  completely we depend on it for life on this glorious planet. Chlorophyll is mysterious and wonderful yet it is never a topic of poetry or prose. No ballads, songs or odes are written about it. I wonder if they had given it a more pleasant name if it would appear in literature and song. anyway, I wonder what chlorophyll”s view of autumn is…. a much needed vacation, or a nasty deprivation ????? Check out my “gallery” and see what’s available for sale