Winter Rains




 Ohio has had its share of unusual weather this winter. A lovely Christmas in the 50s. Lots of rain and not much snow. And now finally at the end of January We are beginning to see ice and snow. And we’ve had an awful lot of winter rain. I know I shouldn’t complain about winter rain, having so many loved ones living in areas of drought. But really, winter rain? Why is winter rain so ugly and depressing when spring rain is so beautiful and full of hope?  


About two years ago I realized that I had injured my hands doing my mixed media artwork. I found myself having carpal tunnel syndrome. I always thought carpal tunnel was for the poor people who had to work on computers all day. I never saw myself as being a victim of the disorder. I was having too much fun to come down with something as mundane  as that. Long story short my surgery was scheduled for today, but I had to cancel because of illness.


Yesterday, during my recuperation I discovered how to “make rain”.And now today, my hand is so numb I can neither  paint nor cut. So I’m sad to say, the rains have stopped. The last two weeks for me,have been very strong creative moments with tons of new inspiration and thoughts. And now grinding to a halt ?  I will be very interested to see if the creative juices keep flowing During this time of decreased artistic activity. For some reason, I have the image of myself catching the creative thoughts in a big bucket to keep for later. Maybe a Rain Bucket?