Helen Wilson-Mixed Media Artist

All my remembered life I have been scribbling and drawing everywhere. I have decorated Kleenex boxes, phone books, calendars, and any piece of paper that would sit still long enough for me to take a pen to it.
In high school I first discovered the wonder of a technical pen. I fell in love with the beauty of a thin black line drawn across a white surface. From there my interest in art began. Eventually it would expand to include a great love of color and all things colorful. Instead of having a midlife crises I discovered watercolors.  From watercolors I found paper collage.



Helen Wilson-Artist statement

As an artist I have found paper collage to be both a language and a personal journey. My art is not just about creating but it is always about communicating. After trying several different artistic methods,I discovered a wonderfully expressive language in paper collage.My goal is to be myself and to be true to my own expression.I enjoy experimenting and trying new things. I try to challenge myself with the thought,”what if….” Most of my pieces are made up of a variety of papers along with acrylics, inks and metal gilding.

Living with my family on the edge of the woods has made me keenly aware of the layers, rhythms and structure of nature.  I am fascinated by the relationship between “outer and inner”. The infinite  layers found in nature, relationships and architecture are a common theme in my paper collages.

In my collage work I have studied the simple tasks of cutting, gluing, and folding in order to create layers, windows, doors, grasses, pathways and passages. As I work I find myself on a journey. I am traveling through color, texture, emotion and thought. My hope is that  my detail, structure, and unique use of color will entice the viewer to take a moment to stop, to look and  to be intrigued.



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